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Delivery Service:
Postcode of where the pallet(s) are to be collected in the UK:
Please enter EIRE if Southern Ireland
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Please Enter Number of Pallets

Full Pallet:
Max Height: 180cm / 1800mm / 1.8m / 72"
Max Weight: 1000kg
Half Pallet:
Max Height: 90cm / 900mm / 0.9m / 36"
Max Weight: 500kg
Quarter Pallet:
Max Height: 60cm / 600mm / 0.6m / 24"
Max Weight: 250kg
Is/Are your pallet(s) stackable:
(i.e. will it be possible/practical to stack additional pallet(s) on top of your pallet(s) during transit without causing damage or either freight to become unstable)?
Please confirm that goods on the pallet(s) are stable and sufficiently packaged/secured to provide reasonable protection during transit, and (unless pre-agreed with European Pallet) do not exceed or overhang the standard pallet dimensions of 100cm length x 120cm depth.
(Please Contact us for prices regarding Oversize freight or consignment of 6 or more pallets.)  

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